Sunday, 21 October 2012

iPhone 5, What has changed

Some say that Apple has lost its touch for innovation and some say that Apple has kept its focus and delivered a new and improved version, far better than any other existing smart phone. Both of these statements might be true.
Apple Inc. has always known to think different and has become an icon in the IT industry with revolutionary products. Although iPhone 5 comes from the same family of smart phones but close inspection reveals that a lot is new, upgraded and changed. Take the design only, from the first glance it seems that nothing has changed from iPhone 4s. But if you look closely you will see that the new iPhone 5 is longer and thinner than the 4s. iPhone 5 is not wider than the 4s, but it is 18% thinner and 20% lighter. Gone is the sandwich of chemically treated glass and the stainless steel body. In their place iPhone 5 has a sleek aluminum uni-body which is accented by glass. The body is carved from anodized 6000 series aluminum and hardened Gorilla Glass on the front for impact safety.
The display seems the same but it is not. With the iPhone 5, Apple has changed not only the screen size but the aspect ratio as well. Previously in the 4s the display was 3.5 inches, 3:2 aspect ratio with a density of 960X640 at 326ppi. The iPhone 5 features 16:9 aspect ratio with 1136X640 at 326 ppi on a 4 inch display. The iPhone 4s display was about quality, while the iPhone 5 display is about quality and quantity.
The hardware buttons on the iPhone 5 are on the same places as the iPhone 4s. You have on/off button on the top, the ring/silent button on the left and the volume keys (Camera buttons) beneath it. The home button is on the front but it feels more solid and responsive than the iPhone 4s home button.
The iPhone 5 is available in two two-tone colors. Rather than the solid colors of the iPhone 4s, this year Apple has given the users a choice between Black and Slate or White and Silver combinations. The black is Darth Vader black and may disappear in low lights and the white is Storm Trooper white with crystalline diamond-cut chamfers brighter and shinier than before.
Although the new iPhone 5 has so much changed in its look, design and style, some users are still disappointed because it is still an iPhone with just a few modifications. Well, you can’t expect a phone with a body designed like a space ship or a Lamborghini, can you? The new design features are loved by most people and proof of it is the sky rocketing sales. We can expect new changes in the future for the iPhone or maybe something entirely new, only time will tell.