Friday, 28 September 2012

Why PHP development at Techliance

PHP Development Company
Allow us at Techliance to help you elevate your business to the reaches of success with our PHP development services. The internet is a great tool for making any business process more efficient, and not a few companies have benefited from it. We offer to you our cutting-edge PHP development services with our team of professional web developers who can create complex, enterprise-class PHP-based frameworks. PHP is able to make your internal and external business activities faster and more effective.
Whatever your needs are, they surely can be matched by our flexible and cost-effective solutions. All we need are your ideas, and the rest is up to our creative team of PHP experts. We are fully committed in providing quality and affordable solutions that meet the highest standards of business ethics.
Advantages of using PHP Web Development Services
PHP is a popular multi-purpose scripting language often associated with rich content for websites. Here are some of the advantages PHP that can offer:
  • It is easily able to embed itself into the HTML code of websites;
  • It is high-performing and very reliable;
  • It is very economical because development and maintenance costs are very low;
  • It is widely supported by databases from different platforms like MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL and Generic ODB; and
  • It is fully compatible with servers like popular Apache and IIS.
Techliance PHP Services
With PHP, we build websites that are guaranteed maintainable (even by developers not from Techliance), performance-based, high-traffic efficient and, best of all, secure. We make use of the latest technologies like Zend Framework, Ajax-based apps, and RIA's (shortcut for “rich internet applications”). Whatever your requirements are, our team of  developers located in Salt lake City, USA can make your website work efficiently under mission critical operations. Our PHP development services include:
  • B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B Solutions;
  • Content Management System;
  • Shopping Carts;
  • Ecommerce Portals;
  • Product Catalogues;
  • Lead management system;
  • Networking and Collaboration applications; and many more.
 Why Choose Techliance
Business Experience: Since starting our business more than twenty years ago, we have become a leading choice for business software solutions provider among both start-ups and established firms. Our list of satisfied PHP development services clients come from not only the United States, but also from Canada, Europe and the Middle East.
Bigger Results, Lower Prices: We believe that software solutions and applications need not be expensive—no matter how simple or full-featured your website needs are, we can beat any other price offers. We deliver high-quality results at the lowest of prices.
Quality that stands apart: Quality is our name, and we never EVER compromise on it. Our industry-proven PHP web development methodology enables us maintain rigorous quality standards.
One-Stop solution: Techliance offers a one-stop solution for all your PHP programming needs. If you are in need of effective PHP solutions for your business, get in touch with us today!