Monday, 23 January 2012

Turn your business on Android

Are you a software development company and still not developing Android applications? Not necessarily the software development company, but even if you are a financially sound company who keep investing in secure and bright ideas, are you in to Android business? If not, here are some reasons explaining, why you should turn your business on Android.
Who doesn't know about Android today? Almost every second mobile phone user and every single company knows Android is among the latest and fast-growing mobile operating system initiated and maintained by Google and open source communities. You as a software development company or an investor company should jump in to Android development market because:

* Android is the fastest-growing mobile OS today
Various surveys and websites clearly show that during last two years, Android has seen almost 200% increase in its usage. Be it the Android development or Android phones or the Android smartphones' usage - it has gone up at a crazily rapid speed. And this speed and rise in the graph is still increasing.
* Android is open source
Being an open source mobile OS, it is widely loved in developers and common users. There are almost no licensing issues in its usage, development, and promotion.
* Android is maintained by Google
one of the most stable companies of the planet earth
As Google is among the leading IT companies of today that are stable and moving upwards continuously, Android's future is secure, bright and lucrative too.
* Availability of tons of free apps
As being an Android user, one always keeps looking for free Android apps. Be it an entertainment app, a game, or a professional app, there are scores of free apps that solve your problem and let you have fun with it on your Android phone. 

And there are many more reasons too, it is a lucrative category of software development. This is the reason, we highly encourage you to start developing Android apps today. If you are a software development company and want to outsource your Android development services to a reliable company, you are at the right place. Even if you are an investor and want to invest in a field where you can secure good profit, still we say you to get cutting edge Android apps. Or even if you are a business company who want to develop business-oriented and client-focused Android apps, contact us today!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Iphone Application vs Android Application Development

Just a few years ago, nobody could have ever imagined that Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android would emerge as leading platforms on the mobile computing horizon. Thanks to Smartphones which not only revolutionized communications but also opened up a whole new marketing arena like nothing before. Today, both Android application development and iPhone application development are thought to represent the benefits of sustained investment as they offer a world-wide marketing capability.

Given that mobile apps offer marketing edge has prompted entrepreneurs to look for Android application development services, Iphone application development services, and others for their businesses. The increased amount of user’s interest in mobile apps development causes Apple and Google to battle out in the mobile arena. For developers and users, each platform maintains distinct differences technically as well as strategically. Let’s compare the iPhone app development and the Android app development in order to asses which is best.

• Apple’s iOS is deployed on the iPad and iPhone whereas Google’s Android is installed on various systems; this includes Motorola Mobility’s Xoom tablet too.
• Both iPhone and Android platforms provides excellent resources for programmers and developers to develop unique apps. Apple provides developers an iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) for a minimal amount, whereas Android offers free Android SDK along with basic Android apps development tutorials. Moreover, there are multiple online forums and resources to assist developers in the development of effective mobile applications.
• iPhone uses Objective C with the Cocoa Touch application programming interface whereas Android uses a Java-based programming language. With this comes a variety of efficient testing and debugging tools. These tools are meant to enable mobile apps developers to publish the apps to their respective stores without any trouble.
• The iPhone store has always been known for its quality and quantity edge. So anybody looking to develop a mobile app considers iPhone app development in the first place. However, through greater expansion in tools and devices, Android is struggling to catch up to Apple in terms of quantity.

So, what’s the verdict in the iPhone app vs Android app development? As it can be seen, both the iPhone and Android platforms are fully equipped with tools and resources, which allow developers to successfully develop, test, launch, and market an application for business of all kinds. However, according to Gartner Forecast Analysis, the Android’s future is decidedly positive, and it is expected to capture 49.2% of the mobile app development market share by the end of 2012. iPhone apps, on the contrary, are predicted to account for 18.9 % of the market share at the end of the same year.

Regardless of what mobile-industry analysts predict, both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are great platforms for mobile apps developers. If you want to develop a mobile application for your business, then at the moment you’re likely to gain higher revenue with iPhone apps as opposed to Android. In the upcoming weeks and months though, you need to consider Android apps development as Android, with its on-going expansions, is on its way to develop greater number of devices, and achieve higher market share.