Sunday, 21 October 2012

iPhone 5, What has changed

Some say that Apple has lost its touch for innovation and some say that Apple has kept its focus and delivered a new and improved version, far better than any other existing smart phone. Both of these statements might be true.
Apple Inc. has always known to think different and has become an icon in the IT industry with revolutionary products. Although iPhone 5 comes from the same family of smart phones but close inspection reveals that a lot is new, upgraded and changed. Take the design only, from the first glance it seems that nothing has changed from iPhone 4s. But if you look closely you will see that the new iPhone 5 is longer and thinner than the 4s. iPhone 5 is not wider than the 4s, but it is 18% thinner and 20% lighter. Gone is the sandwich of chemically treated glass and the stainless steel body. In their place iPhone 5 has a sleek aluminum uni-body which is accented by glass. The body is carved from anodized 6000 series aluminum and hardened Gorilla Glass on the front for impact safety.
The display seems the same but it is not. With the iPhone 5, Apple has changed not only the screen size but the aspect ratio as well. Previously in the 4s the display was 3.5 inches, 3:2 aspect ratio with a density of 960X640 at 326ppi. The iPhone 5 features 16:9 aspect ratio with 1136X640 at 326 ppi on a 4 inch display. The iPhone 4s display was about quality, while the iPhone 5 display is about quality and quantity.
The hardware buttons on the iPhone 5 are on the same places as the iPhone 4s. You have on/off button on the top, the ring/silent button on the left and the volume keys (Camera buttons) beneath it. The home button is on the front but it feels more solid and responsive than the iPhone 4s home button.
The iPhone 5 is available in two two-tone colors. Rather than the solid colors of the iPhone 4s, this year Apple has given the users a choice between Black and Slate or White and Silver combinations. The black is Darth Vader black and may disappear in low lights and the white is Storm Trooper white with crystalline diamond-cut chamfers brighter and shinier than before.
Although the new iPhone 5 has so much changed in its look, design and style, some users are still disappointed because it is still an iPhone with just a few modifications. Well, you can’t expect a phone with a body designed like a space ship or a Lamborghini, can you? The new design features are loved by most people and proof of it is the sky rocketing sales. We can expect new changes in the future for the iPhone or maybe something entirely new, only time will tell.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Why PHP development at Techliance

PHP Development Company
Allow us at Techliance to help you elevate your business to the reaches of success with our PHP development services. The internet is a great tool for making any business process more efficient, and not a few companies have benefited from it. We offer to you our cutting-edge PHP development services with our team of professional web developers who can create complex, enterprise-class PHP-based frameworks. PHP is able to make your internal and external business activities faster and more effective.
Whatever your needs are, they surely can be matched by our flexible and cost-effective solutions. All we need are your ideas, and the rest is up to our creative team of PHP experts. We are fully committed in providing quality and affordable solutions that meet the highest standards of business ethics.
Advantages of using PHP Web Development Services
PHP is a popular multi-purpose scripting language often associated with rich content for websites. Here are some of the advantages PHP that can offer:
  • It is easily able to embed itself into the HTML code of websites;
  • It is high-performing and very reliable;
  • It is very economical because development and maintenance costs are very low;
  • It is widely supported by databases from different platforms like MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL and Generic ODB; and
  • It is fully compatible with servers like popular Apache and IIS.
Techliance PHP Services
With PHP, we build websites that are guaranteed maintainable (even by developers not from Techliance), performance-based, high-traffic efficient and, best of all, secure. We make use of the latest technologies like Zend Framework, Ajax-based apps, and RIA's (shortcut for “rich internet applications”). Whatever your requirements are, our team of  developers located in Salt lake City, USA can make your website work efficiently under mission critical operations. Our PHP development services include:
  • B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B Solutions;
  • Content Management System;
  • Shopping Carts;
  • Ecommerce Portals;
  • Product Catalogues;
  • Lead management system;
  • Networking and Collaboration applications; and many more.
 Why Choose Techliance
Business Experience: Since starting our business more than twenty years ago, we have become a leading choice for business software solutions provider among both start-ups and established firms. Our list of satisfied PHP development services clients come from not only the United States, but also from Canada, Europe and the Middle East.
Bigger Results, Lower Prices: We believe that software solutions and applications need not be expensive—no matter how simple or full-featured your website needs are, we can beat any other price offers. We deliver high-quality results at the lowest of prices.
Quality that stands apart: Quality is our name, and we never EVER compromise on it. Our industry-proven PHP web development methodology enables us maintain rigorous quality standards.
One-Stop solution: Techliance offers a one-stop solution for all your PHP programming needs. If you are in need of effective PHP solutions for your business, get in touch with us today!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

IPhone Application Development Services

Following various advancements in technology the mobile phone industry has been seen, iPhone Android and windows mobile operating systems are the latest. These operate on the 3rd generation smart phones. The smart phones of today combine three kinds of devices together in one, a hi-tech phone, camera or media devices and internet usage devices. Since the smart phones popularity has increased, many manufacturers wish to bring the best out of their phones. Making them user friendly and loaded with software used in every aspect of daily life. This has paved way for iPhone application development companies. These companies offer iPhone application development services through outsourcing.
IPhone application development companies give you an opportunity to think a step ahead and they are there to back you with their implementation capabilities. They have developed several iPhone applications in the past and have the experience to take up the challenge for any kind of application. These companies offer a wide range of application services which are not just user friendly but also offer great value. Application development has enhanced the utility of iPhone and smart phones from being just a communication device to various spheres of business, entertainment, games, eBooks, multimedia and social networking.
Techliance has a highly qualified team of Apple iPhone SDK programmers who have expertise in Mac OS X framework and Cocoa Touch. Our custom iPhone and Android application development service offers iPhone and Android users a fresh experience each time. Techliance Mobile Application Development team designs build and runs the project of any magnitude. Following are the fields for iPhone and Android application development that we specialize in:
1. Social Networking 2. Games 3. Media management and streaming 4. Camera 5. Business application 6. Mapping and location-based applications 7. Tools and utility 8. Entertainment 9. IP camera monitor 10. Fun Applications 11. iPhone widgets 12. iPhone theme, docks and graphics development 13. Travel applications 14. iPhone/iPad compatible website/web application design and development
“Focused on you” attitude, we care for your business requirements. You can get the following advantages from the Techliance team for iPhone and Android application development.
1. Techliance iPhone/Android developers not only make better applications but we also provide suggestions and modifications to the existing modules. 2. Techliance offers the most cost effective iPhone apps development. 3. We not only develop applications, but we cater to customer services. If users meet any hurdle while dealing with the app, we provide instant help. 4. Expert developers which are well versed with all iPhone application development platform. 5. More than 200+ successful iPhone applications developed and launched 6. Interactive and attractive iPhone game development
BlackBerry is one of the all time favorite phone of businesses and individuals. The highly advanced BlackBerry smart phone is used for accessing the e-mail, internet, customer relationship management, business planning, multi tasking and several other features. BlackBerry apps demand a continue rise because the phone has a large share of the smart phone market. Techliance has skilled and capable engineer’s team which is capable of developing BlackBerry applications for all kinds of uses.
Techliance is a one-stop shop where you can find experienced developers of all kinds of iPhone applications, Android applications and BlackBerry Applications. With limitless development services you don’t have to coordinate between companies for development of applications on different platforms, we do it internally for you.

Monday, 19 March 2012

iPhone Application Development – A Top Rank Business in mobile Technology

Technology always possesses a tendency of surprising and astonishing both consumers and non-consumers by its innovative creation and deployment. The latest always takes over its predecessors, making even a bigger and better impression. And we anticipate another marvel revolutionizing our lives. At the present, we are endowed with the introduction of iPhone platform that has grabbed the attention of iPhone users across the world. Whether the user is a businessman, executive or professional, the vibrant assortment of iPhone mobile application makes connecting the outer world possible for everyone.

The iPhone applications platform is popular among both new and experienced developers for offering an easy solution to the creation of exciting apps and themes. Customized iPhone application development requires one perfect solution i.e., seamless iPhone application development by professional iPhone application developer. Given that iPhone holds the most popular space all over the globe, it is rewarding to capture the target market of iPhone consumers. And to do it, hire an iPhone developer who should be able to offer you various iPhone application development services with cost-effective solutions.

Every task requires a professional approach to be developed to deliver quality output and procurement satisfaction. So does iPhone application development. These applications need to be developed flawlessly in order to reach out to masses, and so should be developed by expert technicians. Let the iPhone apps developers take care of your application development needs and make an iPhone more useful. Hiring professional iPhone application developers not only leads to a dedicated expert services and assistance but is cost effective and saves your time too.

There are numerous business service providers that specialize in offering state-of-the-art iphone application development services within limited budget. Techliance is one of those. They are a leading iPhone app development company in USA. The services offered by Techliance in iPhone application development include:
• iPhone custom application development,
• iPhone application QA & testing,
• iPhone application support and maintenance.
The dedicated team of iPhone app developers and designers at Techliance possesses deep expertise in offshore iPhone mobile application development. By hiring dedicated professional from Techliance, you get a quick access to all the benefits of iPhone application development services. You can also take control expenses and increase profitability with their experienced iPhone developers. Contact Techliance, the finest service provider company for iPhone application development, to benefit from the unique and quality services at extremely affordable costs.

Suffice it to say that the revolutionary development of gadgets and applications has changed the online business scenario. This technology revolution has also come to pass all software and application development for your iPhone. Also the demand of the iPhone application is constantly increasing because every enterprise wants to make its presences felt in the world of smart phones. Learn more about “iPhone application development through professional iPhone developers” by browsing Techliance services.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Android vs. iPhone Apps Development

Android or the iPhone, Android VS iPhone, iPhone app development or Android app development – these are some of the points of discussion or issues that IT related folks often come across. This comparison somehow is not so realistic too, as iPhone is a hardware while Android is an open source mobile operating system. iPhone if we talk about is the aesthetic smartphone that revolutionized the world of smartphones in the last decade. Android on the other hand is not so old technology as compared to Apple’s iPhone or iOS, but because of being open source and its wide hardware support, it won the hearts of millions of smartphone users in a very short tenure. And today Google, Motorola, Samsung, LG and many other companies are using this mobile OS for their hardware. Somehow if we still try to compare both of these as platforms, we can’t declare any one of them as better. Each of the platforms and their supported devices has its advantages and in some way disadvantages too. Yet for comparison we can talk about some of them. iPhone is based on Apple’s iOS that is platform specific and strictly managed by one company – Apple only. On the other hand, Android as being an open source platform is managed by thousands of Androiders across the globe. If we talk about iPhone: it has millions of reliable and secure applications that are managed by Apple store, while Android has not that big number of applications and even if there are scores of apps, those are not so secure, reliable or perfect as compared to iPhone’s. Not only the number of apps but also the availability of apps is another point of discussion among smartphone users. Free apps for iPhone are limited, while there are thousands of Android apps which are free for download. If on a developer’s perspective, we compare these in terms of application development, we’ll come to know that demand for both iPhone app development and Android app development is increasing at exponential rate. No matter you need Android app development services or iPhone app development experts – at Techliance we have both sorts of experts that have been offering aesthetic iPhone and Android solutions to our prestigious clients. Our mobile app development services are reliable, technically perfect and budget-friendly. Visit our website for more.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Turn your business on Android

Are you a software development company and still not developing Android applications? Not necessarily the software development company, but even if you are a financially sound company who keep investing in secure and bright ideas, are you in to Android business? If not, here are some reasons explaining, why you should turn your business on Android.
Who doesn't know about Android today? Almost every second mobile phone user and every single company knows Android is among the latest and fast-growing mobile operating system initiated and maintained by Google and open source communities. You as a software development company or an investor company should jump in to Android development market because:

* Android is the fastest-growing mobile OS today
Various surveys and websites clearly show that during last two years, Android has seen almost 200% increase in its usage. Be it the Android development or Android phones or the Android smartphones' usage - it has gone up at a crazily rapid speed. And this speed and rise in the graph is still increasing.
* Android is open source
Being an open source mobile OS, it is widely loved in developers and common users. There are almost no licensing issues in its usage, development, and promotion.
* Android is maintained by Google
one of the most stable companies of the planet earth
As Google is among the leading IT companies of today that are stable and moving upwards continuously, Android's future is secure, bright and lucrative too.
* Availability of tons of free apps
As being an Android user, one always keeps looking for free Android apps. Be it an entertainment app, a game, or a professional app, there are scores of free apps that solve your problem and let you have fun with it on your Android phone. 

And there are many more reasons too, it is a lucrative category of software development. This is the reason, we highly encourage you to start developing Android apps today. If you are a software development company and want to outsource your Android development services to a reliable company, you are at the right place. Even if you are an investor and want to invest in a field where you can secure good profit, still we say you to get cutting edge Android apps. Or even if you are a business company who want to develop business-oriented and client-focused Android apps, contact us today!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Iphone Application vs Android Application Development

Just a few years ago, nobody could have ever imagined that Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android would emerge as leading platforms on the mobile computing horizon. Thanks to Smartphones which not only revolutionized communications but also opened up a whole new marketing arena like nothing before. Today, both Android application development and iPhone application development are thought to represent the benefits of sustained investment as they offer a world-wide marketing capability.

Given that mobile apps offer marketing edge has prompted entrepreneurs to look for Android application development services, Iphone application development services, and others for their businesses. The increased amount of user’s interest in mobile apps development causes Apple and Google to battle out in the mobile arena. For developers and users, each platform maintains distinct differences technically as well as strategically. Let’s compare the iPhone app development and the Android app development in order to asses which is best.

• Apple’s iOS is deployed on the iPad and iPhone whereas Google’s Android is installed on various systems; this includes Motorola Mobility’s Xoom tablet too.
• Both iPhone and Android platforms provides excellent resources for programmers and developers to develop unique apps. Apple provides developers an iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) for a minimal amount, whereas Android offers free Android SDK along with basic Android apps development tutorials. Moreover, there are multiple online forums and resources to assist developers in the development of effective mobile applications.
• iPhone uses Objective C with the Cocoa Touch application programming interface whereas Android uses a Java-based programming language. With this comes a variety of efficient testing and debugging tools. These tools are meant to enable mobile apps developers to publish the apps to their respective stores without any trouble.
• The iPhone store has always been known for its quality and quantity edge. So anybody looking to develop a mobile app considers iPhone app development in the first place. However, through greater expansion in tools and devices, Android is struggling to catch up to Apple in terms of quantity.

So, what’s the verdict in the iPhone app vs Android app development? As it can be seen, both the iPhone and Android platforms are fully equipped with tools and resources, which allow developers to successfully develop, test, launch, and market an application for business of all kinds. However, according to Gartner Forecast Analysis, the Android’s future is decidedly positive, and it is expected to capture 49.2% of the mobile app development market share by the end of 2012. iPhone apps, on the contrary, are predicted to account for 18.9 % of the market share at the end of the same year.

Regardless of what mobile-industry analysts predict, both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are great platforms for mobile apps developers. If you want to develop a mobile application for your business, then at the moment you’re likely to gain higher revenue with iPhone apps as opposed to Android. In the upcoming weeks and months though, you need to consider Android apps development as Android, with its on-going expansions, is on its way to develop greater number of devices, and achieve higher market share.